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  • buyid — bu·yid …   English syllables

  • Buyid dynasty — Buyid Empire آل بویه Āl e Buye ← …   Wikipedia

  • Būyid dynasty — or Buwayhid dynasty (945–1055) Muslim Shīʽite dynasty founded by three sons of Būyeh, a Daylamite (north Persian) fisherman. They captured Baghdad in 945, and each brother took a portion of territory. After they died, one Būyid leader, ʽAḍūd al… …   Universalium

  • Abū Kālījār al-Marzubān ibn Sulṭān ad-Dawlah — ▪ Būyid ruler also called  Muḥyīʾad dīn  born , May/June 1009, Basra, Iraq died October 1048, Khannāb, near Kermān, Iran       ruler of the Būyid dynasty from 1024, who for a brief spell reunited the Būyid territories in Iraq and Iran.       When …   Universalium

  • Aḍud ad-Dawlahʿ — ▪ Būyid ruler born 936 died 983       greatest ruler (949–983) of the Iranian Būyid dynasty.       Becoming ruler of Fārs province in southern Iran in 944, ʿAḍud ad Dawlah did not actually reign on his own until almost a decade later. But by 979… …   Universalium

  • Imād ad-Dawlahʿ — ▪ Būyid ruler also called ʿalī Ibn Būyeh born 892 died 949       one of the founders of the Būyid dynasty of Iran. ʿAlī and his brothers Aḥmad and Ḥasan were followers of Mardāvīz ebn Zeyār of northern Iran. In 934 ʿAlī revolted against local… …   Universalium

  • Iran — /i ran , i rahn , uy ran /, n. a republic in SW Asia. 67,540,002; ab. 635,000 sq. mi. (1,644,650 sq. km). Cap.: Teheran. Formerly (until 1935), Persia. * * * Iran Introduction Iran Background: Known as Persia until 1935, Iran became an Islamic… …   Universalium

  • Iraq — /i rak , i rahk /, n. a republic in SW Asia, N of Saudi Arabia and W of Iran, centering in the Tigris Euphrates basin of Mesopotamia. 22,219,289; 172,000 sq. mi. (445,480 sq. km). Cap.: Baghdad. Also, Irak. * * * Iraq Introduction Iraq Background …   Universalium

  • 'Imad al-Daula — Ali ibn Buya Imad al Daula (c. 891/2 – December 949) was the founder of the Buyid dynasty in Iran (in Shiraz, 934–949). Contents 1 Early career 2 Foundation of the Buyid state 3 The Buyid empire takes shape …   Wikipedia

  • Islāmic world — Introduction  prehistory and history of the Islamic community.       Adherence to Islām is a global phenomenon: Muslims predominate in some 30 to 40 countries, from the Atlantic to the Pacific and along a belt that stretches across northern… …   Universalium

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